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Police Story 4 First Strike 720p Download

Police Story 4: First Strike - A Review

Police Story 4: First Strike (Chinese: 警察故事4之簡單任務), also known as First Strike or Jackie Chan's First Strike, is the fourth installment of the Police Story film series. Chan reprises his role as "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui (named "Jackie" in international releases), a Hong Kong police officer who works for the CIA to track down and arrest an illegal weapons dealer. Jackie realizes that things are not as simple as they appear and soon finds himself a pawn of an organization posing as Russian intelligence.

The film was directed and co-written by Stanley Tong, and also stars Jackson Lou, Annie Wu, Bill Tung, Yuri Petrov, and Nonna Grishayeva. The film was shot partially in Hong Kong, Crimea (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia) and Brisbane in Queensland (Australia). Chinatown, Brisbane in Fortitude Valley and Underwater World on the Sunshine Coast were also used. Filming took place from August to November 1995. The film was released in Hong Kong on 10 February 1996.


The original Hong Kong version was filmed in four languages: Cantonese, English, Russian, and Ukrainian. To advertise First Strike, Jackie recorded the song 怎麼會 Zenme Hui and also made a music video for it. As is typical with Chan's pictures, the US version does not feature the theme song. The North American version also dubbed all the non-English dialogue in Cantonese, Russian and Ukrainian into English.

Plot Summary

Whilst working for the CIA, Jackie is assigned to follow leads of a nuclear smuggling case. One of the tasks the CIA gives him is simple enough: watch a woman named Natasha while on a plane from Hong Kong to Crimea and record her movements. Jackie arrives in Ukraine and the CIA, partnered with local Security Service, take over the task of following Natasha. However, the CIA operation almost falls apart when the Ukrainian Strike Force arrest Natasha. Luckily for the CIA, Jackie spots Natasha being driven away and he discreetly follows her. During the chase in Yalta, Jackie discovers that Natasha is working with an unknown male partner, who actually called in the Strike Force to prevent Natasha from being followed. Natasha and the unknown male are also romantically involved.

Jackie follows them to a hotel where he witnesses them handing over a briefcase to another man. He then follows that man to an aquarium where he meets up with another group of men. Jackie sneaks into their meeting room and discovers that they are planning to sell a nuclear warhead to an African buyer. He also learns that the unknown male partner is actually Jackson Tsui, a former CIA agent who went rogue and joined forces with Colonel Gregor Yegorov, a Russian general who wants to start a war.

Jackie manages to escape from the aquarium with the briefcase containing the warhead, but he is pursued by Tsui and his men. He fights his way through various obstacles and enemies, including sharks, snowmobiles, helicopters, and skiers. He eventually reaches a phone booth where he contacts his CIA handler Mark, who tells him to bring the warhead to Australia.

In Australia, Jackie meets up with Mark and his colleague Annie Tsui, who is also Jackson's sister. They take him to a safe house where they examine the warhead and discover that it is fake. Mark reveals that they have been set up by Tsui and Yegorov, who used Jackie as a decoy to divert attention from their real deal. Mark also tells Jackie that he has been framed for killing several CIA agents in Ukraine.

Jackie escapes from the safe house with Annie's help and tries to clear his name. He contacts his old friend "Uncle" Bill Wong, a Hong Kong police inspector who happens to be in Australia for a conference. Bill agrees to help Jackie and they go to Chinatown where they find out that Tsui and Yegorov are hiding in a Chinese opera house.

Jackie infiltrates the opera house and confronts Tsui and Yegorov. He fights his way through their henchmen and eventually faces Tsui in a one-on-one duel. Jackie defeats Tsui and tries to reason with him, but Tsui refuses to surrender and shoots himself. Jackie then chases Yegorov to the roof where he sees him escaping in a helicopter with the real warhead. Jackie jumps onto the helicopter and struggles with Yegorov, who activates the warhead and throws it out of the helicopter. Jackie manages to grab the warhead and throws it into the water, where it detonates harmlessly. Jackie then knocks out Yegorov and returns to the ground, where he is greeted by Bill, Annie, Mark, and the CIA.


Police Story 4: First Strike is a fun and entertaining action comedy that showcases Jackie Chan's amazing stunt work and martial arts skills. The film has a fast-paced and engaging plot that takes Jackie to different locations and situations, from a plane to an aquarium, from a snow-covered mountain to a Chinese opera house. The film also has a lot of humor and charm, thanks to Jackie's charismatic personality and comic timing.

The film's action scenes are spectacular and inventive, featuring some of Jackie's most memorable stunts and fights. The highlight of the film is the aquarium scene, where Jackie uses a ladder as a weapon and escapes from a shark tank. The scene is a homage to Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jr., where Keaton uses a ladder to escape from a flood. Another impressive scene is the snowmobile chase, where Jackie skis down a slope while dodging bullets and explosions. The scene was inspired by James Bond films such as The Spy Who Loved Me and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

The film's cast is also solid, with Jackson Lou as the main villain, Annie Wu as the female lead, Bill Tung as Jackie's friend, Yuri Petrov as the Russian general, and Nonna Grishayeva as the femme fatale. They all deliver good performances and have good chemistry with Jackie.

The film's only flaw is that it deviates from the tone and style of the previous Police Story films, which were more realistic and gritty. The film is more like a spy thriller than a cop drama, and it lacks the emotional depth and drama of the earlier films. The film also has some continuity errors and plot holes, such as how Jackie survives falling from a helicopter without a parachute.

Overall, Police Story 4: First Strike is a highly enjoyable and thrilling action comedy that showcases Jackie Chan at his best. It is not as good as the first two Police Story films, but it is still better than most action films of its time. It is definitely worth watching for fans of Jackie Chan and action cinema.


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