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Family Island: How to Survive and Thrive on a Deserted Island Farm

The family also participates in the tutorial through the narrative. This helps establish a positive relationship between the players and the game early on. For example, the mother compliments players for being fast learners.

family island farming game

In addition to being a farming game, Family Island is a game that will keep you on your toes with its surprising plot turns and exciting adventures. Aside from building a house from scratch on an island you'll also get the chance to engage in a number of other fun activities.

Overall, Family Island is an entertaining game that makes you want to log in at least once a day, if not more despite the fact that it has long unskippable ads to go through from time to time. It has a huge range of fun things to do, making it highly addictive. It is recommended for those who love farming and cooking games.

I really enjoy this game. It is the first and only game that I have played for several months daily and used real money on. I just wish the islands wouldn't need so much energy for each item you make and a lot of the items to move through with so little places to get energy compared to what is needed or the gates needed less to help.

I really enjoy playing the game, and have spent a lot of time (and money) playing it. I am, however, backing back a lot from the money thing. The adventures, as someone else has stated, are pretty fun but are impossible to complete without blowing $$$. My approach now is simply to leverage the initial few challenges to build up some energy, then devote it to "growing" home island resources.

I played this game for a while and I never had any problems with it up until the contemplation island I earned the gifts at the top of the island then I was told to go back to the home island and put up a tree there and I did and I still had a minute left to go back to contemplation island and the game kept going in and out saying "oops something went wrong" and I was unable to collect the gifts. When I contacted customer service they said there wasn't a way to bring the island back or give me the gifts even though I earned them. Don't waste your time on this game.

It's a fun game. It's very interactive, and it's captivating. I enjoy building all the different production lines; I enjoy visiting all of the different islands, and accomplishing all of the tasks assigned.

Family Island Mod Apk is a one-of-a-kind video game with a farm setting that you can explore and enjoy. Playing this game, you can play as your character and help your family build everything. The players will progress from the Stone Age to the Great Civilization based on the decisions they make along the way.

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You must constantly search for food by solving puzzles to unlock it to survive. Furthermore, depending on how you want to spend your time on the island, you can pick existing fruits or plant new trees. Some very special plants can be eaten, and Eva will help you cook everything and arrange it more aesthetically if you touch the fire. It would be best if you also kept in mind that there is a lot of fog all over the island, and to find a new route, you will have to cut down the trees in your way. The game will give you items like iron, wood, stone, rope, and soap that you can use to unlock new locations and stories.

You can get more resources in Family Island by building structures on the island, growing plants or vegetables and hunting animals. You can also find resources by opening chests or buying them in the in-game store.

This contemporary couple and their kids have been left stranded on a desert island. They need to work together and think smart in order to survive. Divide the family into different roles, like farmer, explorer, trader, cook, and much more.

Stream the latest Android games and apps through your browser with, the incredible cloud platform from the makers of BlueStacks. No more downloads, no more updates, with, you can manage your family farm anywhere and anytime.

Our latest case study star is Family Island! Famous for its highly dramatic video ads and the use of storytelling tropes. Is that the secret to their success? Come take a look at their marketing strategy with us and see how this Stone Age farming game became a staple of mobile gaming.

One of the tropes they use is the cheating trope. Over several video ads, both the father and the mother are shown cheating on each other, prompting the other parent to leave and end up on the deserted island of the game.

The game has an admirably generous approach to doling out in-app currency for at least the initial levels. Just as your energy seems like it's going to run out, the game may prompt you, for instance, to check the juice bar to find more, allowing you to continue without having to wait or buy anything with actual cash. Performing work in different parts of the island offers a change of scenery, and the game graphics in general feature a nice amount of detail. The main character is shown hacking away bushes once you agree to pay a certain amount of energy for that to be done, for example. Increasingly challenging activities crop up as you advance, such as being asked to clear orange trees that are hidden under fog, which requires you to remove nearby brush to find them. Players also will be responsible for following up on some tasks throughout the game -- such as assembling a bouquet with the sunflowers you've grown and harvested to fulfill a customer's request. While new, potentially ongoing activities like that are clearly introduced, players don't always get a reminder about them -- so they'll need to use time management skills and initiative to get everything done. The gameplay, though, doesn't feel overwhelming. There's a digestible amount of things to do, and completing items earns gamers rewards and other positive reinforcement -- which could potentially help make their Family Farm Adventure experience something that takes root and grows over time.

Family Island is a farm game full of unexpected twists, rich narrative and captivatingadventures. It dives you into the simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family.Stranded on a remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs yourguidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through variousfamily life situations with humour. Family Island, the newest release by Melsoft Games in the farming/simulation genre, has generated several million installs and continues to grow.

The ruby is the valuable and premium in-game currency that you can use for recovering energy or buying facilities from the market. You can get rubies from the gift packs that are scattered across all the islands. As you clear the fog and discover new locations, you will find a ton of gift packs. Open these gift packs just like you do to clear objects and you may get free rubies. Also, from the events.

I thought I could get resin (and I am sure I got resin before) from cutting down a pine tree on the main island, but now no matter which tree or how big, I do not get any resin! Any ideas? Is it a game bug?

What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

This game bases its story on a family that escapes from a great volcanic eruption in their hometown, so they set out on a journey in search of new territories, and it is here that you become the head of the family. You will be in charge of building your fortress from scratch.

The game arena is based mainly on islands, so don't be surprised if you get missions where you have to visit one of these islands to get valuable resources for your own. As for the characters, it is a typical family of 4 members, a Father, a Mother, a daughter, and a son. However, these are already defined characters, and you will not be able to customize them to your liking.

Family Island takes you back to the stone age, and sees you building up your own dream deserted island. You explore the various islands, start your own farm to grow crops, and customise it with a variety of decorations. You can even get to know the various members of your family.

Family Island is a casual adventure simulation game. The game combines adventure survival and farm management. You have to help a family of four survive on a desert island in the game, build and manage a farm and complete a multitude of tasks to get lots of rewards. Various crops can be planted on the farm and can be traded. Imagine what your life would be like without modern technology, what would you do? Maybe you would explore territories, build houses or even whole villages; cultivate, harvest or perhaps conquer new lands.

Characteristics: * Explore wild lands, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and go on a thrilling adventure to new islands. * Build and upgrade your small town in the middle of the ocean. * Start your own family farm! Harvest, grow crops, and craft useful goods to trade with other characters. * Cook healthy and tasty food from the ingredients you can find on the island. * Personalize your village with beautiful decorations! Choose flowers and plants that match the unusual landscapes of your village. * Meet unusual animals: island hamsters, wild goats and even a dinosaur are waiting for you! * Help a family survive on a desert island.

Whether you've always dreamed of moving to the countryside, retiring to a deserted island, or simply heading to the watering hole for a spot of fishing, the games below will set you up with a new (digital) life and keep you busy with pleasant little tasks to melt away the stress of real life... or at least replace it with the low-stakes stress of sowing turnips, tending to animals and managing your crops. Just remember when you're stressing about squeezing these digital lives into your packed schedule, it's all for fun!


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