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Ghost Hunt Weekends headed back to Branson for another Titanic Museum Dinner & Ghost Hunt

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri is going to be the backdrop for another highly anticipated ghost hunt event, that only Ghost Hunt Weekends can bring you.

Saturday August 19, 2023, will be the date, as we head back to Branson for Dinner & Ghost Hunt of the Titanic Museum with special guests Mike and Chris from Travel Channel's "Haunted Towns" & "Ghost Asylum".

The Titanic Museum in Branson, MO, if you don't know or haven't heard of it, it is one of two, Titanic-themed museums, the other one located in Pigeon Forge, TN. Owned by Mary and John Joslyn. John Joslyn, in 1987 headed expeditions to the Titanic's final resting place at 12,600 feet at the bottom of the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Each of the museums holds over 400 artifacts in over 20 galleries, all inside of a scaled version of the ship's exterior. Each artifact has its own unique story, and possibly even holds spiritual energy that is causing the hauntings.


If you are attending this incredible weekend, here is a play-by-play so you know what to expect and be prepared for.

Friday August 18

Check in the Host Hotel, the Best Western Center Pointe Inn, you will want to stay here, we have secured a discounted rate for the ghost hunt attendees and the hotel is conveniently located in the same parking lot as the Titanic Museum and Pasghettis Restaurant where the meals and meetups will be. So you can park and walk to the entire event. It's always nice having your hotel room right there at the event, and the hotel is right on the main parkway, smack in the middle of Branson!

7:00pm (ish) - Walk from your hotel to Pasghettis Italian Restaurant for On-Your-Own Dinner and Drinks, where you can meet up with other fans, the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew and you never know who else will show up. Make sure you join the Titanic Branson Group Board to connect with other fans going to this event.

One of my personal favorite restaurants in Branson. Decorated to look like you are sitting outside with over 7 themed rooms of "days gone by". There is even an indoor Ferris Wheel!

Saturday August 19

Enjoy a complimentary Continental Breakfast at the hotel, or walk across the street to the Pancake House (or any of the Breakfast Places that Branson is known for).

Then take your time enjoying the sights of Branson since the hotel is right on the "Strip".

1:00pm - For the guests who purchased the SUPERFAN VIP PACKAGE, you get to meet with us for a private walkthrough of the Titanic with Mike, Chris, Chad, and the GHW Crew, guided by a Titanic Staff Member to tell us and point out all the little know facts of the ship and what we will be experiencing that evening. Then a photo op with us together, that is printed to take with you.

5:00pm - SUPERFAN and VIP Club Members get to come in 1 hour early for first pick of tables, receive their VIP Gift Bag, and also extra face time with the celebrities.

6:00pm - Head to Pasghetti's Italian Restaurant, to our Private Upstairs Room that we have decorated to give the feel of the Shipyard where the Titanic was built.

During this time, find a table and order some drinks, because this is the time to Meet & Greet with Mike and Chris from the show, and also with Chad Morin, President of Ghost Hunt Weekends and his Crew.

The upstairs private room for our Dinner, Meet and Greet and Q&A Session will be in this Shipyard Themed room, complete with a stage, with our signature sounds and lights, Ghost Hunt Weekends style.

Official Event Merchandise including a custom Collectors Graphic Tee, numbered and hologramed just for this event. We highly suggest Pre-Ordering your shirt and having it mailed to you before the event, due to we always sell out of sizes on the event day. You can Pre-Order yours by clicking here. We also have select ghost hunting equipment and items from our Ghost Hunt Store that travel with us at these events.

Mike and Chris will also have their Merchandise available at their booth, as well as the opportunity to get photos, autographs or just get that one-on-one question time.

Since your dinner is included with this event, you will choose from a selection of items from a group menu, while a Titanic Crew Member will get on stage and get you familiar with the history and hauntings of the Titanic Museum

Then it's time for Mike & Chris' Questions and Answers Session, where you get to hear all about what's going on with the new shows, their lives and time for the guests to get involved and ask the questions they've always wanted.

Break, and time to head back to the hotel, this will give the Titanic Museum time to close the ship for regular guests and just have a private event exclusive to Ghost Hunt Weekends.

This will give everyone time to relax a bit, grab your ghost hunting equipment, change, freshen up and then walk across the parking lot to the Titanic.

Once guests are split into small groups, it's lights-out and in an organized fashion, the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew will take you to all the paranormal hot spots for a ghost hunt.

And, YES, you can bring your cameras and take all the photos and videos you like during this time!

We will rotate to all the locations where guests, staff and from our past events, where we have experienced paranormal activity. Then the end of the night Chris and Mike will finish off with a group experiment, then it's time to head back to the hotel.

Sunday August 21

Enjoy another Continental Breakfast at the hotel, check out from the hotel, then either spend more time in Branson or head home with haunting memories.

Relive the 2021 Branson Trip in this fun video


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