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The Haunted Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs - WKRN Segment

RED BOILING SPRINGS, Tenn. (WKRN) – Halloween may be over, but there’s a place in Red Boiling Springs where visitors can search for ghosts every month of the year.

The Thomas House Hotel is a 15 room bed and breakfast that was built in the 1880s as a mineral springs spa and resort, and it’s said to be the second most haunted location in the U.S.

“And then you stay the night there if you opt in to. And then we ghost hunt the whole building. So it’s really exciting. We break everybody into small groups after dinner. We turn off all the lights. And then we go to all the hot spots and we see what we can capture.”

So just what have people experienced there?

“We’ve had doors opening and closing,” said Morin.

“We’ve had a ball captured on video roll across the floor. We’ve heard screams. We’ve hard talking. We’ve heard whistling. We’ve seen shadow people. We’ve seen the aperture of a little child and another one of a tall man, that the only thing we can figure out is that he’s the previous hotel owner from the 1900s that still wanders the halls.”

And apparently, there is no reason to be scared!

“It’s a great time. There’s nothing evil or malevolent there,” explained Morin. “It seems like the spirits there are the previous hotel owner and some children. It seems like they enjoy being there and the company again.”

To learn more about the Thomas House Hotel and how you can book a tour or overnight stay there, visit their Ghost Hunt Weekends website.

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