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Celebrity Dinner & Ghost Hunt of Historic Gainesboro, TN

Updated: May 2

Welcome to the Ghost Hunt Weekends Experience:

Join us in Haunted & Historic Gainesboro, Tennessee with Chris and Mike from Travel Channel's "Haunted Towns", for Dinner, Photos, Autographs, Meet & Greet, then a Multi-Location, City Wide Ghost Hunt!


You asked for it, Ghost Hunt Weekends is delivering....we are headed back, and this time we are bringing Mike and Chris from Travel Channel's "Haunted Towns"

This one-of-a-kind ghost hunt event is a first-ever for the City of Gainesboro, TN, and Ghost Hunt Weekends has exclusive access to haunted locations never before open for public investigations.

We highly suggest the Lodging-Package for this event, you will be staying at the Thomas House Hotel for this event in one of their haunted hotel rooms, then we take a short drive to the next town over, Gainesboro, TN. Dating back to the 1770's the town was a popular spot for Long Hunters and Trappers and travelers to Fort Blunt that was nearby. Named after General Gaines, and during the Civil War, every house and building served as a makeshift Clinic or Hospital.

Your evening will start off with either check-in before or after the event at the Thomas House Hotel.

Then it is a short drive to Gainesboro to the BULL & THISTLE TAVERN for Dinner, Photos, Autographs and Meet & Greets. After dinner, we will break into small groups and get to investigate The Bull & Thistle and it's surrounding buildings. We will also investigate part of the Town Square, where the ghost of Aunt Polly is said to roam.

Other locations will include the Civil War City Cemetery, The Roaring River Distillery (The Old Ford Dealership) and also we will explore the Old Jail underneath the 100 year old Courthouse!

Dinner & Ghost Hunt Package available or if you like we also offer a Lodging Pacakge at the nearby Thomas House Hotel to continue the hunt after this event ends!


  • One Night Lodging at the Thomas House Hotel!

  • Dinner at the Haunted Bull & Thistle Tavern in Gainesboro, TN

  • Fully Guided All Night Ghost Hunting of MULTIPLE LOCATIONS in Gainesboro, TN

  • Free Time to Individually Ghost Hunt at the Thomas House Hotel

  • Midnight Snack Buffet!

  • Full Breakfast!

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Guests at the event are highly urged to purchase the accommodation package, which includes a stay in a haunted room at the Thomas House Hotel as well as transportation to the adjacent town. tunnel rush


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The hotel is built on limestone and has a phrazle lay-line and Native American Hunting Trails going through it. It has also been the site of many fires, deaths, and possible murders, and it was even once the home of a cult.


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This unique ghost hunt event is the first of its kind in Gainesboro, TN, and the hosts, Ghost Hunt Weekends, have special access to haunted places that have never been open to the public. coreball

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