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Ghost Hunting Bobby Mackey's with the Wraith Chasers

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

With 6 huge and highly anticipated ghost hunts scheduled, Ghost Hunt Weekends and the Wraith Chasers are bringing fans memorable events.

Over the past three years, Ghost Hunt Weekends has been renting the entire Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky for their signature paranormal events that fans from around the world have come to love.

2023 brings a new year of craziness and change to the world, and Ghost Hunt Weekends has upped the stakes and is hosting 6 new events at the legendary Bobby Mackey's Music World, due to popular demand by the fans.

This year, Ghost Hunt Weekends President, Paranormal Author and Researcher announced the Four date line up during a press conference earlier this quarter.

"We are super excited to be headed back to the haunted Bobby Mackey's this year, the fans spoke and Ghost Hunt Weekends listened...." said Chad during the presser.

"Not only did we add the dates at one of the most haunted and possibly evil locations that we have been to, but we are bringing back Mike and Chris from Haunted Towns", added Chad

Over the last 4 years, we have had tremendous interest in not only this location but others that can be incorporated to make it a four-day weekend.

So this year, Ghost Hunt Weekends is really making these events one to clear your calendar and hit the road with us. Bobby Mackey's can only be rented and investigated on weekdays since the bar is open for normal business on Friday and Saturdays.

Sample 4 Day Schedule

Thursday Oct 12 - Bobby Mackey's Ghost Hunt

Friday Oct 13 - Thomas House Hotel, Red Boiling Springs, TN Saturday Oct 14 - Thomas House Hotel, Red Boiling Springs, TN

Sunday Oct 15 - Bobby Mackey's Ghost Hunt

All four nights at both locations will have Mike and Chris joining us, so it will be 4 full days on the road with Ghost Hunt Weekends and The Wraith Chasers.

We have also secured a host hotel for the Bobby Mackey's hunts, the Hampton Inn & Suites in Wilder, KY just a few minutes drive to Mackey's. The hotel is close by, we have a great rate and the rooms are amazing! There is a link on the ticket reservation page to reserve your room after you get your tickets.

A peek inside our suite at the last ghost hunt. These suites are great because being the host hotel, guests and fans want to meet up and socialize before the event, plenty of room, and plenty of places to order delivery food or lay out your own.

what to expect

So how do these weekends play out? Here's a rundown.

When guests arrive at Mackey's, you will be greeted the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew that will get you signed in and wristbanded up and assigned a group for the evening's ghost hunt.

Staying true to the Ghost Hunt Weekends Experience, Bobby Mackey's comes alive with the atmosphere of lights and sound, stage set up that fans come to expect.

Make your way through the bar, and head towards the stage where Official Merchandise Booths will be set up to purchase Ghost Hunting Equipment, Memorabilia, and of course Ghost Hunt Weekends Custom Event Graphic Tees. If you don't know about Ghost Hunt Weekends event shirts, every event has a custom-made Graphic Tee, numbered, tagged and hologrammed for that specific event. A collector's item for sure.

Then Meet, Greet and Fist Bump with Mike and Chris from Travel Channel's "Haunted Towns", check out their merchandise, get photos, autographs, selfies, and just spend time talking about, well, anything you like.

Plenty of time for a Photo Op in front of the infamous Bobby Mackey's Stage with Wraith Chasers and Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew

After the Meet & Greet time, Chad Morin, Paranormal Author, Researcher and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends kicks off the event by announcing the official start of the night by introducing Mike and Chris to the stage for a Questions and Answers Session. Plenty of laughs and insight of what's coming up and what's been going on with the guys.

After the Q&A Session, it's time for a short break, before Lights-Out for an All-Access Ghost Hunt, and yes even checking out the Portal To HELL!

As with all Ghost Hunt Weekends Events, you never know what surprises await, one event, we had Bobby Mackey himself meet with guests and even perform "Johanna"

After a Safety Briefing, groups of guests are organized and then guided by the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew to the most active locations in the building.

Guests get to investigate with Mike and Chris and participate alongside, try out new ghost hunting techniques and even use some of their equipment and gear. Hopefully, getting the chance to take home their own evidence.

Mike and Chris along with Brannon investigating with fans by the Pool Tables. We had pool sticks, move and slide down a wall at one event, captured on camera, moved possibly by unseen hands.

After rotating to all the hot spots and investigating, it's time to wrap it up for the night, and everyone heads back to the Host Hotel, some guests even planned a meetup and enjoyed the Kentucky outdoors by in the garden area of the hotel, to discuss and share stories on their evening.

Next morning it's time for a complimentary breakfast at the hotel, then it's off to the Thomas House Hotel in Tennessee. A beautiful drive through the Kentucky and Tennessee back roads and mountains makes this trip a fun drive.

The next two nights will be at the Thomas House Hotel, where check-in and rooms await. You will stay the night at this haunted 1880's Bed and Breakfast where everything for the next two days is under one roof.

Plenty of time to hang out with other fans, Mike, Chris, Chad and the GHW Crew, as well as check out the different selection of Official Merchandise at the booths.

Nothing official until 7:00pm at the Thomas House, where Chad Morin will kick of the event each night on stage welcoming everyone before Dinner is served, always a wonderful Buffet Dinner for you to enjoy while you get to screen "The History and Hauntings of the Thomas House" a documentary produced by Chad Morin based on his Book by the same name. The documentary answers all the questions you may have of the Hotel's history and haunts, shows you evidence collected over the years and then gives you tips and tricks on how to conduct your investigation later that evening.

A quick Group Photo before the break, then it's back to the Dining Room for a Safety Briefing, and then it's LIGHTS OUT, LET'S HUNT!

Guests in small groups getting ready to ghost hunt the Thomas House, maybe YOU might hear the whistles, the knocking or even if you are lucky, see Sarah, the little ghost girl that wanders the halls.

After investigating all the locations, guests are led back to the Dining Room for a Midnight Snack Buffet, then everyone is free to investigate on their own. It's rare to have a location that let's you free roam after hours, but since we are staying the night at the hotel and we are the only guests, it's Ghost Hunt ON!

From 8:oo am to 10:00 am each morning, guests are treated to David's Country Breakfast Buffet. No scheduled activities until 7:00 pm, so you will have plenty of time to check out the local sights. Then the event repeats itself.

Sunday, after breakfast at the hotel, it's time to drive back to Wilder, Kentucky to take on Bobby Mackey's again.

Wow, what a line-up, and what a fun four days of excitement, food, ghost hunting and being with like-minded people.

Here is a look back at one of the past 4 day Bobby Mackey's / Thomas House Weekends



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